My Baby Plans

       The research has proven that the child’s growth and life time health is coded during the pregnancy. No external medicine can give your child as much health benefits as you can provide during pregnancy. The ability of a human being to fight against chronic diseases like heart problem, diabetes is developed in pregnancy through nutrients that a mother can provide during pregnancy. “My Baby Plans” are here to help you do this in your pregnancy.

       At “My baby Plan” we strive to get our customer exact health tip in their pregnancy period as per the month of pregnancy. This helps everyone to plan their diet, level of activities and most important nutritional intake which is highly recommended during pregnancy.

       It also provides the details about the baby’s development in each month from first to nine that will keep you inform about the life inside you. It feels great to know that when exactly in these month your baby can recognize your voice and you can talk to the baby inside you.

       What should be your exact activity level? (i.e. exercise) during the pregnancy period because few exercises in the specific month of pregnancy period can give you an healthy pregnancy and make your body ready to deliver.


1) Month Specific and exact diet tips during pregnancy.

2) Month specific food and exercises.

3) Helps you keep up good health during pregnancy

4) Tells you the things to avoid during pregnancy

5) You don’t have to read expensive and heavy books on pregnancy.

6) You don’t have to go anywhere the tips will be in your

   mobile phone from time to time.

7) SMS based services makes it easy to read and carry with you

   in your mobile wherever you go.